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Kick off 2013 with Helpful Resources- Co-written with Sara Gilbert

January is a great month to adapt your practice to meet the changing needs of today's investors and adjust your approach to a new era of deep client engagement. “What are you going to do differently to grow your business?” asks Sara Gilbert, founder of Strategist in Montreal.

Elevate your business model

Top 3 Coaching Topics for Managers

As a Business Coach for both Investment Advisors and Managers, I often get asked by Branch Managers what other managers are getting coached on.

The truth is that every client has their own topic and that topic can change up to the time our meetings begin as their coaching time is based on what they would find most valuable to discuss.

But..... if I had to choose the top three general themes that managers spend time on during coaching meetings; I would say that the top three are:

1. Recruiting
2. Motivating advisors that are stuck
3. Work–life balance

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