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Rosemary Smyth & Associates specialize in business coaching for financial advisors and branch managers across Canada, the US and the UK.

Rosemary Smyth & Associates work with advisors that are ready for transformation. Those advisors who want to take bold steps to grow their business and to break down the barriers that have been holding them back. We help advisors to make big decisions and we partner with them to create a new vision for their business.

The managers that we coach want to instill confidence in their team and we hold them accountable for that goal as well as focusing on their own leadership development.

New for 2015!! Emotional Intelligence Assessments

We are now offering Workplace EQ, Leadership EQ and Team EQ. These packages contain a detailed EQ report with developmental recommendations and include a 90 minute coaching session

Often thought of as so-called "soft skills", emotional intelligence is what makes the difference in today's world of work. The good news is that unlike IQ, you can improve your EQ throughout your life.

101 Success Tips and Strategies for Financial Advisors

101 Success Tips and Strategies for Financial Advisors 101 Success Tips and Strategies for Financial Advisors is now available for purchase. You will learn how to:
  • CREATE a compelling vision for your business.
  • BUILD lucrative relationships with your ideal clients.
  • DELIVER a meaningful level of client service.
  • ENHANCE your client communication skills.
  • CAPITALIZE on potential referral opportunities.
  • GET unstuck and dive back into your business

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Rosemary's Blog

  • Back to Basics – Success Plan Template
    Rosemary Smyth
    Sep 24, 2015
    A success plan is a combination of an action plan and business plan, mixed in with your values and dreams. It encourages you to consider a vision of your business that is barely believable and to stretch you in taking risks and embracing challenges.
  • An Abundant Mindset and Scarcity Marketing
    Rosemary Smyth
    Aug 27, 2015
    An Abundant Mindset and Scarcity Marketing An abundant mindset is based on plenty being available with enough to share. It also focuses your thoughts on the long-term instead of having to have something right now. The phrases that you hear from someone...
  • The Best Mix for Sustainable Business Growth
    Rosemary Smyth
    Jun 29, 2015
    It’s been a safe bet to prospect older clients in order to meet production and asset goals, as that is where the largest concentration of wealth can be found. That has been the trend for younger as well as older advisors. However, we are now experiencing...
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